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PEERLESS 10HP 7.5kw Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressor 8 Bar Without Tank -HQD10VS

Date available: 5/11/2019

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PEERLESS 10HP 7.5kw Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressor 8 Bar Without Tank -HQD10VS Date available: 5/11/2019

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Peerless was started in very humble beginnings back in 1962 by Norman Healey, firstly making electric manual arc welders in a backyard and distributing throughout Victoria and southern NSW. Mr Healey travelled and set up dealers all over Victoria and southern NSW, once the business became established he soon went to other states to set up dealers. Within three years Peerless had established a very loyal dealership Australia wide. Not only did he manufacture a product to be proud of, he gave a 10 year guarantee on his welders - a first in Australia. The company also manufactured welders for many leading distribution companies under their own brand name.  

Peerless Products’ motto is ‘The integrity of Peerless is our people. The quality of Peerless is our world class products. The excellence of Peerless is our service.’

Peerless Products Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressors are here to save you money!
Most air compressors run continuously even when you’re not using the air. This machine will perform to your requirements and save you money at the same time by only doing the work that you want it to do!
Our HQD Variable Speed Compressors will reduce your power consumption and give you a quick return on your investment within no time. With a great output at 8 Bar this compressor is designed for full industrial use.

For ease of use it features an LED touchscreen control panel allows the user to easily operate and view the functionality of the air compressor along with viewing service times which are based on run hours. Operating pressure can be viewed in MPA or PSI along with the ability to view energy consumption.
Twin tank mounted option available!


•Genuine Variable speed motors
•Huge air flow without the huge power demand
•Lockable service panels
•Control panel with intelligent touch screen display
•Automatic fault finding and recording
•Mann Filtration (German made)
•Super quiet running noise
•Power saving motor - only works as hard as you need it
•Schneider electrical components
•Australian owned & local manufacturer
•You can get direct energy savings of 5 – 35% using variable speed compressors
•Power consumption will match the air being used
•Ability to start and stop under load
•Stable pressure without fluctuations
•Avoid peak currents during start up

Pease note: Power supply is very important when selecting an air compressor, along with selecting the right one for the application. Please talk to your local Peerless representative.


  • HP / KW: 10 HP / 7.5 KW
  • PSI / BAR: 116 PSI / 8 BAR
  • M3/H: 66
  • CFM: 38.9
  • DB (A): 66
  • TANK:This Listing Is Without a Tank
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Date Available 5 Nov 2019

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